Puppies, Cookies and #Hashtags... Oh my!

The Challenge

FedEx challenged us to promote FedEx OneRate, a shipping program tailor-made for the holidays. We challenged ourselves to do it in a way that also increased FedEx’s presence in social media through organic sharing, while spreading some holiday cheer and goodwill from the brand. No small task.

The Results

Enter the #deliverjoy campaign, four events in three cities where consumers could interact with the FedEx brand, learn about OneRate, and bring home a little holiday cheer. In Memphis, we went full Griswold, taking over Cole street with some serious decorations. In Atlanta, we gave out thousands of cookies and hot cocoa to customers. And in Austin, we pulled out the big guns: live puppies to play with outside a downtown coffee shop. Not a bad way to spread some knowledge and some holiday cheer.