The Ascent of Crypto at Advertising Week

Following a strong showing at SXSW, the crypto community is making its move on Advertising Week with a slate of blockchain-related programming and panels, including these three standouts you can stream HERE today. With 74%of execs saying they see a compelling case for implementing the technology, now’s the time to study up.

Blockchain and the Future of Advertising

While cryptocurrency has been stealing the spotlight, it is really the underlying blockchain technology and “smart contracts” that have the most transformative potential for enterprises. From payments to supply chain, Fortune 50 brands are quietly deploying pilots and investing in the future. Bonin Bough, award-winning marketer & co-host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustle, will lead a roundtable with key players from major agencies leading the charge of blockchain innovation and explore when brands will be ready to invest billions. Streaming at 3:15pm.

Ad Tech In Disguise

Streaming services like Spotify and Netflix have redefined the entertainment consumption habits for entire generations of consumers, but is the subscription model threatening the once sure-fire mass advertising model? “Crypto Queen” Danielle Sabrina and others will explore how blockchain offers ways to connect brands to consumers of music and entertainment experiences in new ways and how brands can be part of the action. Streaming at 5:15pm.

Ad Tech Disrupted

From reducing click fraud to immutable customer identity, Lynne Johnson and other leaders from Ad Tech companies at the forefront of blockchain-powered ad solutions will explore how blockchain will bring transparency and accountability back to the industry, and ultimately reshape advertising. Streaming at 4:15pm.