Brands Experiment with Olfactory Immersion

As highlighted in We’re Magnetic’s Advertising Week panel, scent plays a powerful role in influencing our emotions and heightening our memoriesmuch more than sight or sound. A growing number of brands are taking this idea to heart, experimenting with scent branding and creating unique olfactory products and activations.


Cartier developed a temporary art installation called OSNI that combined scent and climate engineering to present the brand’s fragrance, L’Envol. Installed in the The Pavilion at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, visitors could engage with the fragrance through a perfume cloud inside a large see-through glass cubical structure. The exhibit combined ethereal innovation with olfactory immersion, helping transport visitors emotionally.

1 Hotels

The core idea behind 1 Hotels is organic living, with respect for the natural resources and indigenous flora of each locale. In creating signature scent, the values and feelings the company wanted to convey were simplicity, luxury, transparency, and ease. To turn these values into an aroma, it worked with a firm to create a bouquet of earthy moss, herbal greens, and woods— olfactory notes shown to communicate these values in research.


Tokyo-based startup Vaqso designed an odor-emitting attachment for VR headsets like those from Oculus. VAQSO VR attaches to the bottom of a headset to immerse users in their virtual environment, emitting lifelike scents that are synced to the virtual experience. The device has space for up to three odors and comes with a fan that can change the intensity of the scent based on what is happening on the screen.