Experiential Hotels Blur the Line Between

More brands are dipping their toes in hospitality, launching restaurants and hotels designed to spark emotions in consumers through immersive experiences instead of ads. The shift is raising the bar for the standard hotel stay, with more companies launching unique accommodations that up the experiential game.

Meow Wolf Hotel

Santa Fe-based arts collective Meow Wolf announced plans to open a combined immersive exhibition and hotel concept that expands on its popular experiential spaces. The new Meow Wolf Phoenix will feature 400 rooms designed by local artists to immerse guests in a variety of themes, including faux-glamping, capsule rooms, communal hostel environments, over-the-top luxury suites, and even lodging inside an art exhibition itself.

Moxy Hotels

Marriott’s experiential hotel brand, Moxy, wants to subvert the hotel experience for a Millennial audience with features like selfie-booth elevators and tech-enabled rooms. The brand is expanding and recently opened the Moxy NYC Chelsea, dubbed an urban design jungle, with details like an LED art installation and immersive culinary and co-working spaces.

The Zed Rooms

NASA-inspired bedding brand Simba joined forces with Cuckooz to create The Zed Rooms, a boutique “aparthotel” in Shoreditch that explores the boundaries of sleep. Each unit has two rooms—the Woom Room, which includes a cocoon-like bed that mimics the experience of being in the womb, and the cloud-inspired Loom Room. Rooms also come equipped with tech and foods that encouraged a deeper REM cycle.