Introducing Magnetic North

The minds at We’re Magnetic are pleased to bring you Magnetic North, a newsletter for our team, our clients, and our friends across industries who believe in the transformative power of experiences.

Bad company newsletters are like bad dates—they make it all about them. That’s why in addition to featuring our own work and perspectives, we’ll also be highlighting creative work from those we admire, dissect consumer data, and explore the cultural shifts that impact us all. Here’s what to expect:


Monday: Editorial + Interviews
Wednesday: Insights + Trends
Friday: Upcoming Experiences

Phil Koutsis and Rachel Saunders at Advertising Week New York.


Our regular content will begin next Monday. We’ll be covering highlights from #AWNewYork in the meantime and invite you to check out We’re Magnetic’s panel, Designed for Live: Powerful Storytelling Through Experiential, to kick things off.


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