Marketers Set Their Sights on Gen Alpha

New year, new generation to dissect. Gen Alpha has been piquing people’s interest since The New York Times thrust them into the spotlight in 2015, and now that this post-Z group is influencing more family purchases thanks to the rise of home assistants and other connected tech, marketers are increasingly eyeing the under-10 set. While privacy issues abound, here’s how brands like LEGO and Disney are approaching the next hyped cohort through family tech.




Combining storytelling and creative play, LEGO launched an interactive Skill on Amazon Alexa that lets toddlers and their parents build along to a series of animal- and vehicle-themed stories using their DUPLO sets.



For Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition, Disney created Plot Twist, a Mad Libs-like game narrated by popular Disney characters where players change out words and phrases in short adventure stories.



Another Alexa offering, PAC-MAN Stories, is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style narrative that lets kids team up with PAC-MAN to make the right moral choices and solve kid-friendly puzzles.


Oral-B and Crest Kids

The dental care companies collaborated on Chompers, an Alexa Skill (also available on Apple podcasts) designed to encourage healthy brushing habits. Kids hear jokes, riddles, songs and more designed to keep them brushing for the full two minutes that dentists recommend.