Electric Scooter Startups on the Rise

Millennial interest in electric cars may be tepid, but excitement around electric scooters is soaring. Dockless electric scooters first showed up on the streets of San Francisco and Santa Monica over a year ago and have since taken over U.S. cities, creating controversy as they take over towns and vie for the ultimate prize: NYC. Here are the ones to know.


Uber and Alphabet recently invested $335 million in San Francisco-based Lime, a top contender in race for scooter domination, in a fundraising round that values the company at $1.1 billion.


Another top San Francisco-based contender, Bird, is undergoing a rugged redesign to help handle heavy use. The company recently raised $300 million for a valuation of over $2 billion.


Another popular San Francisco-based startup known for its signature orange color, Spin, is reportedly raising $125 million in blockchain-based funds.

Skip, Scoot

The city of San Francisco made waves when it decided not to award Lime, Bird, and Spin permits for its one-year scooter pilot program this summer. Instead it selected lesser known Skip and Scoot as the beneficiaries of the pilot program, who will put 625 scooters apiece on the streets for six months.