The Challenge

In a convention full of brand new, bright, shiny plastic playthings, how do you make a legendary toymaker like Crayola stand out as both historic and innovative?

The Results

For the second year in a row, we went way back to our roots in trade show design to deliver for Crayola — developing a massive footprint that balanced exciting new technology with the simple but undeniable pleasure of picking up a crayon and letting your imagination run wild.
From 3D-scanned, custom coloring book portraits that allowed kids to turn themselves into their own pages to high-energy animation and branding, we brought the future of Crayola to life.
On the flipside, wall-sized coloring book pages, thousands of crayons and even a pixel art sculpture made entirely of crayons served to perfectly capture the fun and creativity that has made Crayola a family favorite for generations.