The Challenge

Children in the US eat a shocking amount of sugar—45,486 pounds every 5 minutes to be exact. It’s one thing to hear those statistics, but it’s another for parents to fully grasp what that amount of sugar looks like. Our goal was to help visualize these numbers in a way that consumers simply couldn’t ignore, while also introducing KIND Fruit Bites, the first and only fruit snack with no added sugar, as a healthy snack alternative.

The Results

Partnering with KIND Snacks, we took over Times Square to show exactly what 45,486 pounds of sugar looks like. Our team created an oversized sugar mound of 4,549 bags to emphasize the sheer amount of added sugar consumed by children every 5 minutes. The installation was a complete success, as the consistent message across media coverage was that KIND is not only garnering awareness around an important health issue, but to also #GiveKindATry.