Magnetic is a creative partner with Netflix on their Original Programming, helping drive successful programs through strategy, creative concepting, and production. Below are examples of how this partnership has come to life for Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Orange Is the New Black.


Arrested Development - Bluth's Frozen Banana Stand

Netflix had a big new premiere coming up: The very long awaited new season of cult classic sitcom Arrested Development. However, as a newcomer to this kind of content, they didn’t have the “big new premiere” budget that most networks had, and needed something as original and innovative as the show itself to build up excitement. There are a lot of star characters on Arrested Development, but none bigger than Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand. So we created our own portable celebrity by making Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand for real, and taking it to on tour to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles Sony lot, and many more. The stand had lines around the block full of fans waiting to buy a frozen banana, and/or just get their picture taken with the famous yellow sign. And it garnered loads of press, generating loads of buzz about the show’s upcoming premiere. Not to mention, we sold enough bananas to fulfill the potassium needs of thousands.

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House of Cards Against Humanity

Magnetic and Netflix worked together to develop concepts for the second season of House of Cards. After some intense back room dealings, one idea rose to the top – House of Cards Against Humanity. Yes – both of these properties have the word “cards” in them, but they also share a bleak, but compelling view about Politics and Humanity, respectively. Fortunately, everyone liked the idea, and worked together with the show runner Beau Willmon to create an expansion pack. The pack debuted the week before the Season 2 premiere, and 10,000 units sold out in 45 minutes.

Orange is the New Black