How We Conquered The World (or made an incredible space for Wasserman Media – Verizon at the Super Bowl)

The Challenge

Verizon Wireless had traditionally used activation points around its NFL sponsorship to show off its latest cell phones. So we set out to use activation space at the Super Bowl to flip this script and allow Verizon to be seen as the technology partner of the future.

The Results

We designed and built a space that would be a natural home for incredible interactions featuring futuristic technology.

From Oculus Rift, to projection mapping, holograms, to augmented reality, all of the key tech interactions were featured in the space in a way that felt both approachable and overwhelmingly cool for all of our attendees. 

With thousands of people over four days, and countless reaction from social, media, and Verizon Wireless, this was a home run. Wait, no, an interception returned for a game winning touchdown as time expired.