The Challenge

How do we demonstrate the power of a brand new, true-to-life OLED screen in a way that excites consumers and creates love for the Sony brand?

The Results

By creating a “blended reality” multimedia experience that blurs the lines between what’s real and what’s digital. We partnered Sony with artist KAZ Shirane to create the “Evolve” experience at the Westwood Gallery in New York City. With the seamless integration of seven Sony BRAVIA OLED A1E TV screens, we created a mind-bending structural installation. Guests were invited to step inside this immersive tunnel where vivid content flashed across the screens and reflected on the mirrors around them, creating a surreal visual and audio experience. In addition to incredible imagery, the tunnel became cacophonous as the A1E’s acoustic surface created a unique surround-sound environment. The experience didn’t end there, as guests were wowed by the amazing BRAVIA OLED technology in an educational product gallery that displayed key features of this incredible Sony TV. Over the course of 4 days, hundreds of guests were witness to this cutting edge technology and immersive art experience. Visitors were photographed inside the installation, and shared their photos thousands of times across social media using the #BRAVIAOLED hashtag and the custom Snapchat filter we created especially for this event.