The Challenge

How do you recreate The Apartment from Seinfeld in a way that appeals to die hard fans, casual fans and the media. How do you maximize the energy from all those parties to create a genuine cultural moment? What’s the deal with Seinfeld?

The Results

Over a week in New York City, we brought to life a full re-creation of the famous apartment set from Seinfeld. People could relive their favorite Seinfeld moments in the apartment including their best Kramer entrance.

Over 8,000 people came through the space to experience the apartment, a museum of authentic and replica props from the show (including the actual benches and table from Monk’s Diner) and take photos. Thousands of Instagram photos captured every element of the experience from George’s Art of Seduction to Jerry’s stand up mic.

A live Periscope feed from the space led to 3000+ user engagements.

Press reaction was phenomenal. Seriously, check out everyone who was talking about the apartment:

It was gold Jerry! Gold!